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6 Drugstore Beauty Products That Actually Work

I’m a pretty simple gal when it comes to my skincare and makeup routine. These 6 products have earned their right inside my beauty bag and the best thing is that they don’t break the bank!

Thayers Witch Hazel Cucumber Toner

I started looking into toners when I noticed my skin getting particularly dry this winter. This toner has helped hydrate dry patches, reduce redness, and help with breakouts.


If you haven’t tired out CeraVe’s moisturizing cream, this could potentially change your life (and I’m not exaggerating). I have really dry skin and ever since moving out to Denver which has very low humidity, it’s been a battle to keep my skin well hydrated. CeraVe is an extra deep moisturizing lotion that applies smoothly and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky. I also prefer body lotions out of tubs since it’s easier to handle than pumping a bottle with slippery lotioned hands.

NYX Brow Pencil

Filling in my eyebrows has never been easier than when using this brow pencil. It comes with a spoolie at the end which helps in taming those bushes, and at $10 a pop it lasts for months.

Olay Night Firming Moisturizer

This moisturizer feels so luxurious. So far it’s been my favorite night cream that I’ve ever had. I wake up with my skin still feeling well moisturized.

Baby Lips

Another essential in my toolkit since moving out to a dryer climate has been a good chapstick. My favorite thing about this chapstick is how easy it is to put on. It just glides over your lips and provides a sheer finish that naturally enhances the color of your lips.

Neutrogena 100SPF Daily Moisturizer

I’ve become a bit obsessed with SPF. I wish I had started sooner!  This is one of my favorite daily face moisturizers as it’s lightweight, provides excellent coverage, and doesn’t leave an oily greasy feeling behind. It’s the first step in my morning routine.

What drugstore products do you use and swear by? 




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