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4 Books To Read This Fall


Ahhh Autumn…the perfect reading weather. There’s not much that I love more than curling up with a good book in my reading nook. This is also the season when a ton of new releases are coming out, so I put this list together to include two books I’ve recently read, and two that I want to read this fall. Just ordered them both yesterday and can’t wait for them to arrive!


The City Baker’s Guide To Country Living by Louise Miller

This book is about pastry chef Olivia Rawlings who works at the Emerson Club in downtown Boston. After an unfortunate accident including flaming desserts and buildings on fire, Olivia flees to the countryside of Vermont to visit with her best friend Hannah. While she’s there, a spot in the kitchen opens up at the local Sugar Maple Inn. Embarrassed to go back to Boston and wanting to get away from an unhealthy relationship she left, Olivia applies and gets the job. Little did she know that such a small town in sleepy Vermont would change her life completely. The friendships she forms and the pies she bakes leads her to a new life, but not without some bumps along the way.

Author Louise Miller is herself a pastry chef from Boston and drew on her career as a chef to write in exquisite detail all the delicious ways food can bring you home. Tip: don’t read this book on an empty stomach. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in the kitchen trying to perfect the apple pie right alongside Olivia Rawlings at the country fair. This book is great to read during the fall as it talks about the changing of the seasons, pies of all kinds, and an escape to the countryside.


The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer

If you don’t know already, Amy Schumer is a comedian and actress who really does have a lower back tattoo. In this autobiographical book, you’ll learn more about Amy than ever before. She shares stories from her past, including a not-so-perfect family, an abusive relationship that almost ended her life, her collection of creepy stuffed animals and the night she lost her virginity. I love myself a good book by a comic and this one doesn’t disappoint. Side note: For a good laugh, check out this interview Amy did with Chelsea Handler.

On My List


All At Sea by Decca Aitkenhead

This book reminds me of another book I read in once sitting one called “Wave” by Sonali Deraniyagala. Here’s a quick synopsis from The Guardian:

“On Saturday 17 May 2014, Decca Aitkenhead picked up the Guardian and read: “Charity worker drowns on holiday in Jamaica while rescuing son.” The piece reported that Tony Wilkinson, partner to Guardian journalist Decca Aitkenhead, had been caught in a strong current on a family holiday, in Calabash bay, while trying to rescue their eldest son (who had survived). Here it was – her tragedy – in a couple of throwaway paragraphs. She found herself reading this account of what her family had endured in disbelief, as if it were about strangers. And now, two years on, we have her book about what happened – her prolonging of the story’s life.”

Sounds like a book that’s going to be hard to put down!

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Have you see the TV Show Wayward Pines? It is a psychological thriller based in a mysterious small town in Idaho named Wayward Pines. “Visitors and natives of the unusual town struggle to understand the complex origins of Wayward Pines, what the town really is — and if there is a way to get out. As explosive and shocking events unfold, it becomes clear that a civil war is emerging, and that the human race is in danger.”

Blake Crouch is the author of the books this show was based one, so when I heard he had a new novel coming out I was already hooked.

Dark Matter is a “science-fiction thriller about choices, paths not taken, and how far we’ll go to claim the lives we dream of.” The hero wakes up in a world that is not his own confused, and with a new identity.  Really can’t wait to start this one!




  • Building the website of your dreams takes time.

Anyone can purchase a template.

Anyone can register a domain.

But having a website that is strategically designed to land more inquiries in your inbox takes strategy, goal setting, research, planning, and experience.

If your website was designed with a “set it and forget it” mentality…

If you never check or update your website because it’s a hassle to maintain…. If your website isn’t generating leads or acting as an ASSET to growing your business…

Then postponing a website redesign will only be delaying the results you need to grow your company.

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  • Your website is not a static business tool.

A strategically designed website has the potential to generate leads and convert visitors into customers.

Perhaps it's to re-evaluate the results you COULD be getting from your website.

Every week I talk with business owners who come to me with websites that stress them out and are a headache to maintain.

Their website is not generating leads and they’re hesitant to direct clients to their website because it’s outdated, not mobile-friendly, and doesn’t represent them like they professional they are.

This is not how a website should be serving their business.

These business owners know its time for a new website design but aren’t sure where to start or when.

Will it really be worth the money?

Today I wrote a blog post on why NOW is the perfect time for a website redesign. Yes, even before the holidays.

Postponing a re-design of a site that isn’t doing anything for your business means you’ll be postponing the results you NEED - more leads and more sales.

Get the link in my bio for the post and then let me know - if you could have your DREAM website, what results would it be creating for your business?

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  • Why is no one buying from your website?

You probably have a great offer. In fact, it might be the best one you’ve had yet. But why is no one buying it?

When it comes down to it, there is one main reason that motivates consumers to purchase.

What’s in it for them.

When presenting an offer, business owners tend to talk about the tech aspects or the facts/details of the offer rather than the BENEFITS of the offer.

How much time it’s going to save their clients, how much money and frustration is going to save them.

It’s not clear what is in it for them.

Take Action: Take your top offer, your main service, and re-write it to only talk about how your client will BENEFIT from this service. How it’s going to change their lives. Talk about how their life was before using that product or service and how it’s going to be after they use that product or service.

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  • Now that we smack dab in the middle of the holiday shopping season it is the PERFECT time to take a quick moment and look over your website. 
When was the last time you read through each page?

Ask yourself these questions:

Are my best, most compelling offers at the top of my site?

Is the copy clear and concise?

Are there clear next steps for my website visitors to take?

Do my visitors have all the information they need to make a purchase?

Take Action: Set aside 30-60 minutes this week to review and make changes to your website. Need some help? Send me an email (link in profile) or a DM.

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  • Last year 49% of all holiday online shopping were done on mobile devices.

That means that smartphone shopping accounted for $2.1 billion in sales.


Cash money. *jaw drop*

If your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices then it has the potential to turn off customers.

Which is really not a great thing! At all!

If you’re ready for a website that looks good on ALL devices and is strategically built to make more sales - this is exactly how I help my clients.

Send me a DM to learn more about how I can help your business website start attracting more visitors and converting them into customers.

Let’s bump up your holiday website sales STAT.

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  • Growing up with a Dad who loves to play is basically the best thing ever. 57 years and young at heart! Love you pops.

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  • How to make sure your businesses's website is ready for the holiday shopping season.


Websites have an average of 3 seconds to captivate interest so put your most compelling offers at the top of your site.

Give them the good stuff right away.

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  • YALL my parents got me a LOG SPLITTER as an early Christmas present and I couldn't. be. more. stoked. #adulting

Life sure has taken a unique turn of events and I couldn't be happier or feel more at home here in the mountains.

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